What is a typical day of a pediatric hematologist or oncologist like?

Busy and Rewarding. Most pediatric h/o docs see patients who are in the hospital for treatment or who are being evaluated for a diagnosis. They also perform procedures like bone marrow aspirates and spinal taps in the operating room. They see patients in clinic and supervise infusions of chemotherapy and blood transfusions. They spend time talking with patients and families and other docs. Many do research as well.

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What's a typical day of a pediatric hematologist/oncologist like?

Quite varied. There are many options of how you practice. Some do basic science and translational research, in addition to seeing patients. Some do more hematology, others, only oncology and many do both. Some work primarily in a clinic, others take care of hospitalized patients, many do both. In academic settings, we teach residents and fellows. Some are involved with clinic trial design. Read more...