Does vitamin D3 1000mcg help balance an underactive thyroid? And why is too much vitamin D3 toxic? How much is too much?

No.Low Thyroid. Is treated with the appropriate dose of l- thyroxine or similar thyroid rx.Vitamin d level can be measured, and if low, should be raised by vit d replacement.If truly low, replacement doses of up to 50, 000u/wk are initially given.It is very important to have normal levels.

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Does vitamin d help an underactive thyroid?

Not clear. There are studies that show a correlation between vitamin d levels and thyroid disease but correlation does not imply causation. In other words, it isn't clear there is a cause and effect relationship. It's good to keep your vitamin d level above 20, but low levels are may be indicative of a problem, not a cause of it. Read more...

Could vitamin d have helped your underactive thyroid?

Vitamin4 low thyroid. I am not aware of any specific effect on vitamin supplements to low thyroid. If your thyroid is low, which can be confirmed by lab tests, then simple thyroid supplement is the appropriate treatment. Read more...