Why are men having plastic surgery now?

Male plastic surgery. One's image is vital to most every aspect of her or his life, be it personal or professional. More men are drawn to plastic surgery today, as trends in plastic surgery are moving away from an overly "done" look and instead moving towards subtle, natural appearing results. Procedures should be customized for men to prevent results that feminize the patient.
Men plastic surgery. We all have things that bother us and now there is much less stigma of having plastic surgery so men are getting nipped and tucked to stay looking good. For some it helps with a job and others to feel better about themselves.
Male plastic surgery. More and more men are having plastic surgery to improve their appearance. In most cases, it is to either address a concern which they have had for years (e.g., a weak chin) or to address signs of aging. Plastic surgery can help a man remain competitive in the workplace and/or in the dating world. It is important to not feminize a man when performing facial plastic surgery.
Many reasons! Statistics from the american society of plastic surgeons so that men are increasingly having cosmetic surgery . Reasons include a desire to be more competitive in the workplace where advancement is thought to be related to a young appearance. Men like women also desire improvement in their overall appearance as they get older.
Less stigma. And need to stay in workforce longer.
Accepted & available. Plastic surgery has become increasingly acceptable and available and therefore more people are considering it for themselves. Traditionally, women have outnumbered men as consumers of plastic surgery and in most practices the majority of patients are women but that is changing. Men want to look and feel better also and in fact can be more vain than women, just less willing to admit it!