I want straight teeth but can't afford veneers. Can I get military to cover dentures?

See answer. Getting dentures so that you can have straight teeth is not a good idea. A lot of military insurances will offer orthodontic coverage for you to get braces, which will straighten your teeth.
Don't recommend. I would highly recommend that if your teeth are healthy enough for veneers that you do not get your teeth removed and replaced with dentures. Do everything you can to perhaps go through orthodontics to straighten you teeth. Once you remove your teeth, they are gone forever.
See an orthodontist. Tricare United Concordia dental plan is for dependents of active duty. They will cover braces for an adult for medical necessity. See an orthodontist for evaluation and treatment options. Dentures is not an option.
Depends. Depends on your status in the military, where you are stationed, how long you will be there, how the Dental Corps is staffed with specialists, and your diagnosis regarding your teeth and the recommended treatment. See the Dentist, a Prosthodontist if there is one there, for a comprehensive examination. Then discuss your options and the availability. Good Luck.
Not a good idea. Try your best to keep your teeth. Save up for the veneers or maybe braces. You really don't want to be wearing a denture.