Surgeon reccomended a fusion for reherniated disc at l4/5 and grinding. Does this typically help just the leg pain or back pain too?

Great question. Typically, a fusion procedure (alif/plif/tlif) are most effective for radicular leg pain. If there is instability in the low back, ie) from fracture or spondylolisthesis, fusion may be effective in alleviating axial low back pain. In most cases, it is the leg pain that is improved, much more than low back pain. You can consult nass website for all indications for fusion procedures.

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My MRI reads: Modic type I curvilinear trabecular stress response/hyperemia at L4-5. what does that mean. I have had low back pain with leg and feet?

Modic changes. describe various stages of vertebral body end plate marrow changes in the progression of degenerative disc disease. It could potentially be associated with pain, but not the leg/foot pain you describe, because it doesn't involve nerve roots. Read more...