When I lay in the bad I feel my heart pounding. Ecg, eco, blood work ok. Blood pressure 120/80 heart rate 75. Age 25. I am scared for this. Thanks.

Rate? Count the rate. Pay attention to whether it's regular or irregular. (at your wrist, neck, chest, or arm). If it's 100 while you are resting, see if your doctor can order a 24 hour (holter) heart recording to determine what rhythm your heart is in. Most likely, you've simply become aware of your heart - felt best when lying left side down.

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Why is my heart rate sky high today? I stand up and my heart rate is 133 and up. But if laying down its 60-90. Ekg blood work normal

See Cardiologist. Heart can fluctuate. A normal ECG may NOT tell the whole story.Do you drink stimulant drinks or excessive coffee? See a cardiologist to find out cause. Heart Rate in 130 is NOT normal. Check Thyroid function as well to rule out Hyperthyroidism. Read more...

I constantly feel my heart pounding way faster than normal. And at other times, my heart rate slows extremely.

See cardiologist. Hi. What you describe sounds like tachy-brady syndrome. You should ask your PCP for a referral to a cardiologist to have it evaluated. It is important to know if your fast heart rate is regular or irregular. You may need treatment. They'll check your thyroid function too. Good luck! Read more...