How can you get rid of a birthmark?

Depends. Birthmarks can be variable in their color and cause. Vascular birthmarks can respond to laser treatment but there are other options. Pigmented birthmarks carry with them the concern for malignancy (i.e. Melanoma) and should be addressed with that in mind. I would suggest you find a good dermatologist or plastic surgeon who can consult with you on the best options for you.

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How can you get rid of birthmarks?

Depends. There are many ways, depending on the birthmark. A pigmented birthmark without vascular involvement might be able to be treated with certain types of laser. A small birthmark could be removed with a minor surgery. Vascular birthmarks can sometimes be treated with laser, surgery, and/or sclerotherapy. Going to a center that specializes in birthmark treatment is the way to go. Read more...