How much bigger will my baby be if I have gdm?

Depends on control. A babies size with gdm will reflect the mothers average blood sugar status. Great control produces a baby no different than non-gdm mothers. Poor control (high blood sugars) translates to baby & baby organ overgrowth, higher risk of birth defects, need for baby to be on IV sugar after birth, etc.
It depends.... .. On how well you manage your sugars. Moms who follow the gdm diet and check their sugar regularly can have average sized babies. Work with your doctor and nutritionist to keep your sugars in a healthy range.

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What level of blood sugar during gestational diabetes causes you to have big babies?

Pattern not number. Baby begins to make their own Insulin during mid pregnancy & any moment that moms levels are high will push glucose across the placenta, forcing baby to store the excess as fat. Any maternal levels above normal can lead to enlarged organs, defects, large baby & the need for IV fluid treatment after birth. The better mom's control, the less problems for baby, the worse control, the bigger the pbs.

Anyone know what is a high level of blood sugar during gestational diabetes to have big babies?

See below. Abnormal values with pregnancy GTT are: fasting 95 mg/dl or higher 1 hour 180 mg/dl or higher 2 hours 155 mg/dl or higher 3 hours 140 mg/dl or higher the higher you are, the more risk to develop fetal abnormalities. Check w/your doctor!
Over 140. A blood sugar of 140 will enable diagnosis of gestational diabetes. If you have been diagnosed, your baby is in danger of growing at a too large rate. This causes the baby's system to produce insulin at a higher rate, which fuels growth. There are multiple complications at risk. You can use exercise to bring blood sugar back to normal range. Be sure and follow your doctor's orders to a T.

What percent of mothers with gestational diabetes deliver their babies prematurely?

Depends On Control. There is no single digit answer you can apply to an individual patient. One brazillian study in 2011 found that 14% of 400 women delivered prematurely, but the rate really depends on how well the mother controls her disease, other issues like preeclampsia, and the reason for delivery (poor control can cause other problems for the mom/baby that could require a cesarean section before 38 weeks).

Does gestational diabetes cause undescended testicle in babies at birth or later on?

Unlikely. Undescended testicle results when the testis that is formed in the fetus next to the kidney, fails to complete its migration during pregnancy. It passively moves to the lower abdomen over time pulling it's blood supply with it & passes through the groin & enters the sac in the early to mid 3rd trimester. This defect can occur in any pregnancy & is not listed as more common with gdm.
NO. There is no association between gestational diabetes and testicular maldescent.

32+2 wks pregnant with twins, PE, on blood thinner & gestational diabetes, scan babies growth 10th percentile is it concerning? Planed c sec at 36 wks

Needs followup. You will likely need antenatal testing with Doppler by a MFM.
High risk pregnancy. I hope everything goes well with you and your babies, please stay close to the hospital and keep a close follow-up with your doctors, you will all be fine, best wishes.