How can I get rid of eczema on my foot? Soak in bleach?

Dr. Diamond. Is correct. There are several causes of dry, flaky and itchy feet, including eczema, lichen planus, allergic reactions, fungal infections and even bacterial infections. The key to successful treatment is based on an accurate diagnosis. But none of these conditions respond to bleach, and you can cause harm by soaking your feet in bleach.
No Bleach. Eczema of the feet must be distinguished from athlete's foot, a fungal infection. If eczema, then frequent moisturizer and occasionally a steroid ointment or cream will work.
Tinea Pedis. Eczematoid lesions in your feet are called tinea pedis cause by fungus infection. They grow in dark sweaty feet so you need air or wear sandals ocasionally. They respond to antifungal cream like lotrisone, Nystatin or lamisil (terbinafine).