Tkr may. Dislocate patella nov. Medial pain believes MCL injury. Fixed brace 2 wk reexamine. What next?! if not healing. Can't do ultrasound or mri

Depends on reexamni- Nation findings ; your symptoms. Ask all these questions of your treating surgeon, who knows you and probably did your surgery. You don't want to second guess him. Wait and be patient. No one can tell you whether its healing or not? He should be your best source of all information ; advice. Liston to him. Good luck and happy holidays.
Hard 2 correct. But can b done in some cases. Obviously u have poor patello-femoral alignment if u dislocated ur patella. If u actually had a mcl injury, rx depends on the degree of injury, 1, 2 or 3rd degree. This will not help the patellar dislocations. U may need a proximal realignment procedure. If done @ time of injury, u would b 2 wks into healing of both. . Distal procedures r hampered by the tibial stem.