Heavy vaginal bleeding in pregnancy. Doctor wants to give steroids andstop the bleeding. How?

Not sure. I don't think the two are related. I think the steroids are for fetal lung maturation in the event that delivery, presumably premature, is imminent.

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Heavy vaginal bleeding with cramps. Doctors say its a fibroid. Recent ultra sound shows no fibroid. I have done 3 d/c What can it be?

Vaginal bleeding. If the ultrasound was negative then fibroid unlikely cause. I would get back with your provider. You may find the following article worthwhile. Http://www. Aafp. Org/afp/2004/0415/p1915.html.

What to do if I have heavy vaginal bleeding after sex?

Not normal. Its not normal to have heavy vaginal bleeding after sex. If it happens more than once, you should see an Ob/Gyn and find out why its happening. Best wishes!

I'm having very heavy vaginal bleeding every other week I went to ER my pelvic exam and blood tests were all normal what do I do bleeding is back?

Hormonal pills. It seems you need pills to regulate your menses. They also confer upon you protection from unintended pregnancies. Talk to your GYN for options or set up a consult on healthtap. Best Wishes Dr M.

I am 15 months post partum and experiencing heavy vaginal bleeding x 4 weeks. Provera, (medroxyprogesterone) BCP and lysteda have not helped. Iron is 10, what is next step?

Curettage. If medication does not help to control uterine bleeding, a minor surgical procedure called a "dilatation and curettage" can help not only stop the bleeding, but also reveal the cause, e.g., a polyp. During a curettage the doctor removes the inner lining from the uterine cavity with an instrument to provide a fresh start for menstrual cycles to ensue.