Having blood clots during my period. Pad covered in them. Should I see cnp or gyn?

Gyn. I would recommend you see a gyn for initial evaluation. If she or he has a cnp and feels you can be followed by non md, then I think that would be reasonable.

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Hi, Every period I pass heavy blood clots. Is that a bad thing? I never been to Ob-gyn should I go?

Yes, it could be.. If you lose more blood during the period than your bone marrow creates between the period, you eventually become anemic. Yes, you should see a gynecologist or obstetrician/gynecologist because there are different reasons why a person could be having heavy periods.
Menorrhagia. You have heavy periods if for a long time then you have to make certain that you have not blood disorders or just normal for your family members. Anyway you need a complete gyn visit to ascertain that asap. It is definitely urgent to rule out any serious problem as you are in childbearing age. GOOD LUCK.