Is rheumatic the same as scarlet fever?

No. Both are triggered by the same bacteria GABHS, but are different diseases. Rheumatic fever is caused by the overreaction of the own body's immune system, which may attack it's own structures (like the heart and the joints). Scarlet fever occurs when that bacteria is infected with a virus that causes a toxin which makes the skin red and harsh but it may also cause rheumatic fever as a sequel.
No. Different conditions produced by the same bacteria. Group a strep is a bad actor. Scarlet fever is caused by toxin production by this bug, while rheumatic fever is a reaction of the patient's immune system to infection by the organism. Very different illnesses.

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Hoping you can tell me, is "strep rash" the same as scarlet fever?

Yes and no. The strep rash is what used to be the most prominent feature of scarlet fever. But the term is more of a historical one. There was a time (lest we forget) that we did not have antibiotics. Scarlet fever described a systemic strep illness that could last more than a week with high sustained fevers over 103 and the rash.Most would recover but some developed rheumatic fever afterward. Read more...