Will chewing gum make tmd worse?

Absolutely! If you've got tmd (temporomandibular disorders), don't chew gum.
Not recommended. Please avoid actions that cause your symptoms, such as yawning wide, nail biting and chewing gum.
It sure can. Chewing gum is hard on the jaw joint and should be avoided when having TMJ problems. Chewing gum with thd is kind of like running on a sprained or damaged ankle.
Yes. I would not chew gum if a tmd problem exists. I realize that some people have almost an addiction to chewing gum and that is a habit almost as bad for tmd as biting your nails. If you are desperate and cannot help yourself, then only one piece at a time and alternate chewing on both sides of your mouth. See a specialist!
Depends. Sometimes. Use your response as a guide. If symptoms are aggravated by chewing, then don't. If chewing does not make it worse, or make it better by gently exercising the TMJ - its ok.