Obgyn says PID took doxyclycine and on Depo-Provera shot. Second time I have a cycle that lasts 2 weeks with lot of pain and big clots. What can this be? Help?

Go back to doctor. The best person to answer your question is the doctor who examined and treated you. This is definitely not normal and in order to find out what is going on you need to be examined. Good luck and hope you are better soon.

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My breast are in a lot of pain for the last two days. They hurt very bad and my last period was june 15th and my was last Depo-Provera was in january of this year. They hurt the most when I am cold.

Pregnancy? Since significant breast tenderness is often a sign of pregnancy, & depo is only effective for 3 months as contraception, be sure to do a pregnancy test. Although you have not yet missed a period, sometimes bleeding in early pregnancy can resemble a period. If the pregnancy test is neg, you are probably experiencing premenstrual breast tenderness which will likely resolve with the next period. Read more...