My partner has non-itchy, flat, red spots on his butt, leg & hand. Did a blood test and isn't virus infection. Do you have an idea?

See a dermatologist. Without being able to examine these it is impossible to diagnose. Have him seen and treated appropriately. One concern for lesions on the palms is syphilis. Go and get evaluated. Good luck.

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Itchy legs 6yr ago&became red little spots all over, and are redder when sweat. Blood test is normal. Itchy again, but rash is big like coin. Related?

See a doctor. they sound like hives/urticaria. unfortunately sometimes we can't find a cause. possibly your body reacts to heat/moisture as if it is allergic. I would see a doctor again, but meanwhile, try diphenhydramine/benadryl for the itch and rash. taking a pill like zyrtec/allegra/claritin daily could also help. Read more...