Would I have problems with my penis more if circumcised as adult or not?

Slower recovery. More pain & discomfort with erections until heahiing is complete. Bottom line is have it done if it needs to be done & after considering the alternatives which are 1) prepucioplasty, where the phimotic constricting foreskin is too tight. This permits you to preserve your foreskin. 0.1% Betamethasone cream applications x2 daily to tight are of foreskin 4 3-months may help. Works best in younger males.
Debatable! Few medical indications for circumcision. Mostly personal preference. Research it on the web, discuss it with your pcp and with a urologist and with your appropriate family members (parent, wife, etc) and then decide if this is for you. Circumcision is not a benign procedure if you are an adult and having it done. It can be a good thing, it can be a bad thing. Be cautious and careful.