Should I invest in compression stockings if varicose veins and pregnant?

Compression. The use of stockings can be very helpful for the symptoms of swelling of the lower extremities associated with pregnancy. But you need to confer with your clinician about the use of the stockings to make sure that they are aware of the symptoms and your plan.
Yes. If you already have varicose veins, they are only going to get worse with your pregnancy. If you have pain and/or swelling in your legs, compression maternity hose will help. If you have vulvar/labial varicose veins, you might want to look into a v2 supporter since even panty hose don't really compress that area well.
Absolutely! Distended vessels with lack of unidirectional flow cause pain. Pregnancy adds pressure and blood volume to the lower extremities. This can be very painful. Compression stockings can provide much comfort by keeping the leg vessels from expanding.
Great idea. The blood volume and female hormones are increased in pregnancy, making one prone to varicose veins, and the compression stockings will provide symptomatic relief, but does not cure the problem of venous disease. Try 20-30 mm mercury compression hose, thigh length preferred.
Yes. Pregnancy can cause varicose veins need to wear pantyhose to uplift the lower abdomen cavity to prevent pooling.
Varicose Veins Preg. Absolutely. The only effective therapy that you can utilize for varicose veins during pregnancy is support garments such as compression stockings (the prescription type, tight ones). They help prevent disease progression & help control symptoms such as pain & swelling. They have been proven to decrease the spread of disease during pregnancy & minimize chance of clots. See a vein specialist asap.