Could I have a blood clot? Had surgery then long ride home.

Possible. Blood clots in the leg veins does have a slightly increased risk after surgery. Sitting for long time periods can increase the risk of this. But likely there would usually be associated symptoms of leg pain or leg swelling. If you are concerned, you should talk to you surgeon immediately.

Related Questions

Is it ok to go home and lay down after lap surgery. Or should I walk? I'm afraid of blood clot.

WALK 4 times a day. Any surgery carries an increased risk of blood clots. Smoking, birth control pills, dehydration, and immobility and also increase this risk. The good news is that after minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery you are able to move around sooner and better than after traditional surgery with big incisions. Go slow and rest in between, but do walk at least 20 feet 4 times a day starting right away. Read more...

My mother had hip surgery. Was doing well. Blood clot found and taken care of. Now she can no longer walk. Leg feels numb.

Let's sort out. Blood clot unlikely to prevent walking now. The leg numbness could well involve peripheral nerve compression, but might wonder if she has had a stroke, or if she might possess problem in lumbar spine such as a stenosis affecting the leg. So, do the variation of possibilities it is quite helpful to now get a skillful neurologist involved. Read more...