Husband has smoked since we were 20. Now 60 and coughing so much there is some blood in his cough. Is there anything we can do?

Tobacco kills. If he is willing, please get him to the primary care doctor asap as there are several risks that come from smoking for this long. Next stop should be an ENT or pulmonologist (lung doctor) who can examine inside his mouth and airway to look for any possible cancer. Also, there are infections that he can be at risk for like tuberculosis and pneumonia. I wish you the best and hope that he quits!
Needs Eval... Hemoptysis, coughing blood, is a symptom that always requires a doctor evaluation! the most common etiology is bronchitis, either acute or chronic. But, it can also be a symptom of malignancy which is why it always needs to be evaluated by a doctor. Please have your husband evaluated by his doctor asap so the correct diagnosis can be made and treatment rendered. He also needs to quit smoking today.