Constant ear infections. Should my 5 year old get tubes?

Hearing loss. If your child's hearing is starting to get worse from the infections, it may be time for tubes. Of course, if someone smokes in the house, getting rid of smoke might be all you need. And this is rarely a consideration for 5-year-olds, but drinking while lying flat on one's back is also a risk factor for otitis media.
5 / yr & 1 wont clr. There are multiple parameters for deciding on tubes. One basic mantra "5 in a yr or 1 that won't clear" (in 90 days). An evaluation by an ENT that would do the tubes would give you an idea if your situation would benefit. Some 5yo kids are at the point that their infection frequency is declining & the benefit would be minimal.

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My 5yr old is prone to ear infections. Could swimming increase his chances of gettin them? At his age would tubes still be a possibility, consult ENT?

Different issues. The middle ear otitis that benefits from tubes is different from the canal infections that come with swimming. Middle ear infections are head size related and fade as the kids eustachian tubes enlarge with age. Swimmer's ear is related to time in the pool and retention of water after swimming. Remove the water and end the problem.Tubes would have no benefit. Read more...