Considering facelift at 60. Saw some rocker chicks that age who look really good. Do I need to go to la?

Facelift Surgeon. There are accomplished facelift surgeons all over the country. Seek out some reputable practices in your area and ask to see examples of their work. Make sure you feel comfortable with their experience, training, and expectations and you should be able to find what you need without heading all the way to southern california.
No. There are excellent face lift surgeons throughout the country. It is most important to choose your treating physician most carefully. Best, dr. P.
LA facelift - Why go. For sure there are many doctors that may provide you a good result. However, what if you are on e of the ....few that have a concern or problem? Would you feel good about flying to LA to have your doctor evaluate your concern? If you fly to an area to have surgery, this should be part of your decision process.
NO. You need to see a board certified plastic or facial plastic surgeon for a comprehensive consultation. Facelifts are not for everyone and it is not possible to predict the result without an examination. 60 is a very common age for a facelift; that is no problem. Get all of your questions answered to your satisfaction before proceeding. There are good facelift surgeons all across the usa.
Certainly not! Excellent plastic surgeons are available all over the us and abroad. Look for board certification in plastic surgery and experience in facelifts, in particular. Good luck!
Facelift. There are many talented face lift surgeons all over the country. Your best bet would be to have your face evaluated by a board certified facial plastic surgeon.
No. There are excellent facial plastic surgeons throughout the country. Go to aafprs.Org and use the surgeon locator to find a surgeon near you. Or go to la and spend more!
No. There a definitely qualified surgeons in palo alto that can perform your facelift surgery. No two facelifts are the same, or at least they shouldn't be. Each patient should receive a customized approach to provide the most natural appearance post operatively.
Not at all. High volume, quality facelift centers are not extremely common, but they do exist all over the country. Seek options locally prior to traveling outside your area. Look for physicians who do high volumes of facelifts, as their results are commonly better than those who do not do as many.