Can the h1n flu shot trigger seizures?

Possibly. But the risk of the h1n1 flu triggering a seizure is much higher. Immunization is better.
Possible but... Individuals with unstable seizure disorders do have a small risk of seizure when getting h1n1 flu shot. However, the risk to develop severe flu and die from the consequence outweighed the risk of seizure flare-up.

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Is it safe for me get a flu shot if I'm taking lamactil for seizures? Could it make my seizures worse?

Probably not. Ask your doctor about the risks and benefits of the flu shot. At 38 you are not in a high risk category unless you work in a clinic or hospital or have exposure to a lot of people at another job. Read more...

I want to get flu shot this year but last yr I had a seizure from it. I have asthma and work around kids alot. Is it safe to take?

Check with your doc. A seizure from a flu shot seems unusual. Are the doctors sure it was from that?? Someone like you would be at 'high risk' for the flu -so it would help to find out. There is something called 'chemo prophylaxis' that can protect you from the flu. Essentially that involves taking a medicine like Tamiflu if you have a real exposure. (Like a kid with the flu coughs in your face). It's worth looking 2. Read more...

Got the flu shot Friday and over the weekend I was having minor seizure activity. Blurred vision, eye roll etc. Can this be from the flu shot?

Mgt. This should definitely be reported to your PCP. This needs to be noted/reported. It may or may not be related. It would be very unusual for your seizure to be related directly to the flu vaccination itself. If you are allergic to eggs for example, an allergic reaction may occur. Read more...