Can skin cancers be on a penis?

Penile skin cancer. Yes, skin cancers can occur on the genital area. Squamous cell carcinomas make up over 90% of penile skin cancers, are usually on the foreskin or glans and can be related to hpv infections. Melanomas and other skin cancers can occur on the penis, athough more rarely. If you have a persistent or changing lesion on the genital area, please have it examined by a dermatologist as soon as possible.
Yes. However they are not very common. Most skin cancers are related to sun exposure and thus the genital area has less risk. .(except for nudists).
Yes, But sometimes. They are actually penile cancers. Squamous tumors affect the skin and glans penis, and are called penile tumors. Rarely there are melanomas on the penis. We recently had a colon cancer presenting as lesion on the penis. If there is something strange on your penis or some one you know, it needs to be looked at by a urologist first, dermatologist if the urologist is puzzled.
Probably not. While cancer of the skin can occur anywhere on the body, this is highly unlikely given that a long history of exposure would be needed for at least some skin cancers. A more likely cancer would be from human papilloma virus (hpv), through contact with infected individuals, with hpv types 16, and 18 most often associated with cancer.
Yes. Cancers of the penis are predominantly skin cancers and like other skin cancers are mostly squamous cell carcinomas. The junction of glans and body of the penis is commonest site for the cancer.