Can I put ketoconazole on an elbow that seems to have a fungal infection?

Get a diagnosis. Elbows are unusual locations for fungal infections, so if Ketoconazole Cream has no effect, see a dermatologist and get a diagnosis (psoriasis is more likely) and appropriate treatment.

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Can I put ketoconazole on a fungal infection?

Generally yes. Fungal infections of the skin are very common. They are sometimes referred to a 'ring worm', even though worms and not involved. Ketoconazole is a commonly used anti-fungal medication which may be effective. However, topical medications are not effective for scalp infection; an oral medication is needed. See your doctor if the rash persists.
Yes to skin. Ketoconazole in cream form is appropriate for topical use on the skin for all fungal infections of the skin. It should not be ingested orally nor used in the eyes or other orifices.

Treating fungal infection in armpit with ketoconazole. Can antiperspirant be worn with the cream, which should be put on first?

Good question. I would suggest applying the antiperspirant first, wait about 15-20 minutes and then apply the ketoconazole sparingly. On the other hand you might, if you do not perspire a lot hold off on the antiperspirant for a week and just apply the ketoconazole daily for a week.

Are fungal infections/yeast the main infection on the scalp or are there similar infections? And is Nizoral (ketoconazole) good to use?

Topical Antifungal. Nizoral (ketoconazole) is ketoconazol which is a treatment for fungal infection. It is available in tropical preparations and shampoo. It is used for scalp fungal infections that can lead to problems including hair loss. Similar infection in the skin can occur anywhere in the body and can be treated with ketoconazol.

Fungal infection right armpit, Rx ketoconazole 2x day, small scar from mole removal 2 months ago has turned red and raw rest of skin ok, what to do?

Treatment review. In general such problems require keep area clean and dry, gp should take samples to confirm its a fungal infection (which is less common than bacterial). Treatment needs to be changed accordingly.
Intertrigo. "Fungal" unlikely. No harm from ketoconazole, might help. Ventilation and cool water rinses are useful. If it persists see a dermatologist. Meanwhile you can try OTC hydrocortisone.