Can dysphagia lead to an eating disorder?

Not really. Dysphagia implies difficulty swallowing, an anatomic or physiologic problem. An eating disorder focuses on eating as a psychiatric problem, but swallowing is not the issue.
Yes. Dysphagia is difficulty swallowing and this difficuly could lead to not wanting to eat in a healthy, sustaining way. Get the problem fixed.

Related Questions

I don't like my body. Can this lead to an eating disorder?

Yes. Not liking your body can lead to many problems, including eating disorders. It could be helpful to speak with a therapist about this, so you get the right help with your specific issues.

I don't like my body. Could that lead to an eating disorder?

Sometimes. If you start to follow inappropriate behaviours to get into the body you like this might be a start of an eating disorder, make sure to discuss this issue with your pcp and have a good plan to make you more satisfied with your body.
It may. Try to talk to u physician, about it he or she may be able to give u an advice.

How can anxiety lead to eating disorders?

Impact. It is usually not the "cause" of an eating disorder. But, many people use dysfunctional eating behaviors to cope. Increased stress & anxiety is likely to drive up use of those coping mechanisms. As one's life spirals out of control they may progressively default to their eating disorder.

Will an eating disorder lead to a fever?

Not directly. If have have bulimia and have vomited, it is possible to aspirate and develop a fever from the resulting bronchitis or pneumonia, but there should be an accompanying cough, and probable shortness of breath or night sweats.

Can an eating disorder lead to infertility problems?

Yes. Severe weight loss, as can be seen in an eating disorder, can commonly lead to hormonal abnormalities and infertility.