Bleeding between periods while on birth control. That seems abnormal since I never did before I started them?

Pretty common/benign. I would say that if you don't need the bc; stop and see what happens. It could be a bc side effect or just a result of getting older. As we age, our menses can become more abnormal and unpredictable. Maybe switching meds or a hysteroscopic exam are also to be considered.

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On birth control and having irregular bleeding between periods. What does this mean for this pill?

Many things. Most women will have 1 or 2 cycles of "breakthrough bleeding" a year while on some forms of contraception. If you take the pill regularly and aren't on other medicines, this shouldn't change the effectiveness. Missing a pill, changing pills, or changing to generic pills are common causes of bleeding between periods.

I am bleeding between periods. Usually the week before my next one. I am on birth control. Whats wrong?

Breakthrough bleedin. This is called breakthrough bleeding. It is a side effect of birth control. You should see your doctor and discuss the options. Some do well by changing brands. Others switch contraception methods. There are also some tricks your doctor can discuss with you with your current method that will sometimes fix it.

What can cause bleeding between periods if you're on birth control? I had some ovary pain the night before, and I haven't missed any pills.

Hormonal imbalance. The uterine lining is responsive to progesterone and estrogen. Imbalance in the hormones can sometime cause irregular inter-menstrual bleeding. However, if its an isolated event, we can assess and evaluate in the future.
Several causes. Causes of irregular menstrual bleeding while on the pill include infection (UTI OR STD), pregnancy, antibiotic use affecting the efficacy of the pill, as well as uterine fibroids or cervical lesions. Noncompliance (which is not your case) also is a culprit. If you have irregular bleeding and have been compliant with your pill you should see your doctor.