Are you ever really happy with you penis size?

Here are some ... Penile size is not the sole factor for the happiness in sex life. The average penile length is about 11.5 - 16 cm at erection. Remember all physical growth including penis comes to a halt after marching into adulthood, roughly at 18 for men. Afterwards, all men have to adopt & adapt to what they got. Besides, there has been no known pills, herbs, or devices to produce a longer bigger penis ...
At least 50% of men. Most men have a normal size penis. Most dream of having amuch larger size penis at some time in their lives. The important thing is how well it functions.
I am. What about you? You have what you have and that is the simple truth. Wear the one out that you have and ask us to get you another one, new, bigger and the curve you want! (just kidding!). If we have inadequacies, we need to meet them head on and deal with this issues, enjoy what we have, and forget the rest. This isn't a contest.