Is fibromyalgia just a  new name for hypochondria?

Different. Hypochondria is where you think you are ill when you actually are not. Fibromyalgia is a real, multi-faceted condition and not at all a new name for hypochondria.
Not True. At first glance #fibromyalgia (fm) complaints same as those common to psychological disorders. Real (organic) tissue ; biochemical changes can induce mental disarray. Organic changes of fm, not well understood, currently seen in research labs. Unfortunately, when many doctors encounter fm patients they fall back on age-old medical view that absence of objective findings means mental problem.
No. Fibromyalgia patients have somatic complaints related to what is believed to be underlying dysfunction in the transmission and processing of pain signals from muscle-nerve endings. Certain interventions, including medication, may improve these somatic complaints. To the best of our knowledge, hypochondria is a primarily psychological abnormality manifested by somatic complaints.