What cold medicine can I give my 2 month old baby?

Avoid in infants. Cold meds we use as adults or with older kids reduce drainage by using meds that dry & thicken the drainage.Babies are dependent on narrow nasal passages that will block with thickened drainage. Your best rx for infants is to use generous amounts of saline nose wash and occasional suction to keep their nasal passages clear. Clean it as often as needed & avoid all the stuff for old kids.
None. Cold medications can be harmful to a 2 mo old baby, that is why they were taken off the market for that age. You can use a humidifier and place saline drops in your babies nose and then use a bulb suction to clean your baby's nose.
Nothing. If you think your 2 month old has a cold, you should see your doctor. Babies at this age still don't have a strong immune system, and we take illness in them very seriously... Especially if they have a fever. If your doctor has told you that they have a cold, there really aren't any "cold medicines" to give a 2 month old. Humidified air, nasal bulb suctioning and time are the safest bets.