Trying to conceive for more then a year but no luck. What are the best tips to get pregnant?

See a REI specialist. With the right tests, we can find out why you're not getting pregnant in 99% of couples (1 or more of low egg supply, ovulation, or sperm or tubes/ uterine problems) - in the past 15-20% of infertility was 'unexplained'. Treatment works for many couples. No-one wants to see a reproductive endocrinology and infertility md, but many couples tell me they wish they had come to us sooner. Best wishes.
No simple answer. Many couples have difficulty conceiving because of a male factor. I request that all of my couples start with a semen analysis. Careful history can help determine risk factors for other problems such as a history of pelvic infections, missing periods or improper timing. It is valuable for the couple to sit down with a professional and have a detailed discussion.