Any good OTC scar removal silicone stuff that could be a good way to get rid of scars?

Reduce NOT rid. Otc silicones have not been put to a good consumers report test to the best of my knowledge & i understand your confusion. As a physician it is also hard to compare the products head to head as they all have different combinations of products which may have some benefits. I prefer those products containing silicone & sunblock or sunscreen. There are many to choose from and should be used 4-9 month.
I agree. There was an article in the journal of the amercan academy of dermatology a few years back that discussed all these various otc scar treatments. Silicone got good marks but there still is not enough data to really say it is the best thing to use. I believe the article was from 2006 or 2007.
Scar Treatments. Silicone gel containing products and massage will help speed the maturation, flattening and lightening of most scars. If the scar is truly starting to become hypertrophic, you may require some additional intervention such as a steroid injection or a revision.
Will help a little. Otc silicone scar gels won't elininate a scar ever. They only help speed up the process of scar maturation. Pressure is another excellent method to accomplish the same. Paper tape worn 24/7 over the scar like a butterfly bandage pulled across the scar line to prevent separation of the edges will typically make the scar less puffy and red in several days. This must be worn a few months.
Mederma,bio oil. Both will flatten raised scars over a period of several weeks, but will not be effective for indented or ice pick scars .This require laser or fillers for improvement.

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Can I do lasers to get rid of post inflammatory hyper pigmentation while on isotretinion? Also laser scar removal?

Accutane. Absolutely not. Isotretinon prevents new skin growth. Any type of LASER treatment will likely burn your skin and cause long-term scarring. It is not advised to have any type of ablative or exfoliative treatment for up to 2 years after Isotretinon treatment has ended. This is a very serious chemotherapeutic drug and that is why it comes with a 17 page consent form and requires close follow-up. Read more...
NO. This medication will make you extremely sensitive to the tissue effects of ANY laser system be it for acne, scar revision , pigments or hair. No laser therapy should be done, in my practice I make people wait a year some say 6 months but that is to risky for me and some are more conservative and wait over a year. Remember you can wait and be safe or have a horrible complication that lasts for ever. Read more...