So do I need annual eye exam if no change?

It depends. The american academy of ophthalmology recommends examinations every 5-10 years under the age of 40, every 2-4 years age 40-54, every 1-3 years age 55- 64 and every 1-2 years over the age of 65. But this schedule would be adjusted based on your family history of eye disease, findings during the exam, risk factors for eye disease, medical history and use of certain medications.
It Depends. It depends. If you are over 60, have diabetes, glaucoma, a family history of glaucoma or were exposed to second hand cigarette smoke or smoke yourself, you definitely should have a thorough eye exam. If you do not wear eyeglasses or contacts and you have had a dilated eye exam previously and you are under age 30 it's probably not necessary every year.