What is benefit of flax seeds?

A few uses/benefits. Use for: constipation, prostate hypertrophy (use oil oil), diabetes, diverticulitis, gastritis, hypercholesterolemia, irritable bowel, menopausal, lupus-related kidney inflammation (nephritis) etc.. Efficacy: possible effective for diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, menopausal symptoms, and lupus nephritis.. Fortunately, not much side effects.. Good luck.
Flax seed . It is rich in omega fatty acids which helps reduce atherosclerosis from developing in your coronary arteries. By doing this it reduces your risk of having a heart attack. .

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What health benefits are associated with flax seeds?

Health benefits. Flax seed can help to lower cholesterol & low-density lipoprotein levels & help reduce the risk of heart disease. Because your body can digest ground flaxseed better than whole flaxseed, the ground flaxseed is preferable. This will provide more of the benefits from the lignans and the omega – 3 –fatty acids in the flaxseed. With flaxseed oil, it is quite important that it be cold pressed. Read more...