Sacrum fracture healing process?

Weight bear as tol. Since you can not put the sacrum in a cast (it's above the tailbone) only time can heal a sacral fracture. Weight bearing as tolerated is the best treatment. Of concern is there a diagnosis of osteoporosis due to menopause, low testosterone or high blood calcium (parathyroid adenoma)? A work-up may be needed.

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Hi doc, how can I speed up the healing process of a fractured toe if I do not have the luxury of being able to not getting myself physically involved?

Time heals the toe. Not physical activity. Assuming the fracture is non displace and you don't smoke....It will heal on its own. A stiff soled shoe like a post op shoe is recommended.
Be patient. The more you rest and elevate the foot, the quicker it will stop hurting and start healing. The more you're up on it, the more it will swell, throb, hurt, and potentially this can slow healing. Toe fractures take 6 weeks or slightly more to heal, you can not change this time frame.

The healing process in elderly women with fractured back from ostyoporosis?

Nutrients. You need several nutrients including whey protein, magnesium along with many multi-minerals, d3, k2 plus several hormones. Best to see a doctor listed with acam. Org. Gradual exercise.
6-8 weeks. Usually heals fine in 6-8 weeks. If remains symptomatic can consider kyphoplasty procedure.

How long is the healing process for a fractured arm bone?

Varies. It varies with age, health, surrounding, and other factors. Very young children may heal a fracture in this little and 3- 4 weeks, while adults, average six weeks, with geriatrics eight weeks and longer. Healing is quicker with proper alignment and immobilization. Surrounding soft tissue damage and preexisting health issues often retard the healing process.

Can nicotine patches slow down the healing process for broken bones?

No smoking does. Amen and merry Christmas, stop smoking and this will be a great gift to yourself, temporary nicotine patch to help is better than smoke, call 1800 quit now for more help/counseling, stopping smoking will be one of the best things you will ever do for yoru health.

Should I try to stay active if I have a fractured rib or will that prolong the healing process?

Rib pain. Listen to your body. Exercise as much as you can tolerate.
Active. It is good in general to stay active with rib fractures. This can reduce the likelihood of getting associated pulmonary complications.

Does alcohol slow down the healing process of broken bones?

Yes. Chronic and heavy alcoholism can cause delayed fracture healing, increased fracture incidence, low bone mass, and decreased bone formation. However, occasional, social use of alcohol would not be expected to have such effects.
See below. Yes chronic and heavy drinking disrupts the normal balance between bone formation by osteoblasts and the removal of old bone by osteoclasts. Alcohol has an adverse effect on osteoblast activity, thus suppressing new bone formation. "the empty space created by normal bone-removing activity is inadequately filled by newly formed bone, " chakkalakal explains in a press release issued by the university. "t.