My left ovary hurts when I cough?

Scar tissue/hernia. If the area of your body where the ovary is located hurts when you cough it may mean that you have internal scar tissue. This is especially true if you have had previous surgery in the pelvis including a cesarean section. It may also suggest a heavier ovarian cyst on the affected side. A hernia of the bowel may also be the culprit. Get it checked out!

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I seem to have thrush but I also have lower tummy pain, blood stained discharge and my left ovary is hurting especially when I cough?

Go for major dx. A UTI can cause lower and discomfort and may be part of the picture. The discharge may be incidental but there is a chance you have an infection of the uterus. Thrush is an oral candida infection and likely not related to this but i think u need to get seen. I place my bet on a uti, but not there to examine so don't give it too much weight. Also, do a upt. Read more...