Foot arch bruising and pain? Do I need more arch support or do I have too much arch in the shoe?

Arch Pain. Arch pain can be caused, by both to little, or to much arch... It is better to see a podiatrist and get custom orthotics that are made for "your" arch..
Arch pain. Generally, arch pain means you are overworking the ligaments and tendons that attach or stretch across your arch. Your foot type (high arch, low arch) does play a role, but a minor one. Arch supports are advised if your arch has too much motion and is causing inflammation in the area. I'd recommend icing and rest first, then routine stretching of the calf muscle to loosen tension on the arch.
See your local podia. I think that. Is something you need to see your local podiatrist about.
Could be too much. To receive an answer that will be more helpful for you, you need to give more information...Your health status, any problems such as gout, diabetes or blood pressure concerns. You should state how long it has been a problem and what you do to make it feel better. Also tells us what it looks like. Is it discolored, swollen or point tender. The more you tell the better the answer.
Biomechanics. The type of biomechanics of your feet have a great deal to do with what type of orthotic to use. Often spenco rx orthotic arch support at amazon. Com is an inexpensive alternative to see if a functional orthotic may help. A podiatrist evaluation may be helpful. Http://drmallia. Tripod. Com.