Why do skinniest models fit the beauty ideal of thinness.? Does media view justify thier harsh criticism of regular girls?

No. The liberal media has done more to damage our health than we can imagine. They glamorize the skinny models and at the same time support the advertisement of poisonous foods with sugar, chemicals and pesticides. Our society is confused by this and that is why we have such a dliemma with our weight - both over and under. Rejoice in your healthy weight, and turn a deaf ear to the media!
Fad... Dangerous. Through history "feminine beauty" has changed. The speed and reach of fad is amplified by the media, but the fact is perennial. Consider the ideal of beauty in ancient greek and roman artwork. Then look at the flemish masters: thin but pear-shaped bellies. Rubens later: very heavy by our standards. Today, anorectic. Why?Pursuit of an ever-receding ideal. Maturity=growing past such.