Questions about leprosy=why are there colonies in india? Is it contagious?

Yes, It's Contagious. Leprosy is still deemed a public health problem in angola, brazil, central african republic, democratic republic of the congo, india, madagascar, mozambique, nepal, and tanzania. In these countries, one method of control the spread (and predjudice) is placement in colonies. In the us, leprosy is found along the southern border due to immigrants. It is treatable with medication.
Leprosy. has sometimes been referred to as the least contagious of the infectious diseases. There are significant problems with leprosy in Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Bihar & West Bengal, India. According to WHO, 58% of new leprosy diagnoses occur in India. These people are considered "unclean" & are driven from their homes to Leper Colonies. They are treated with great prejudice. Leprosy vaccine.