If someone is having an ischemic stroke, is it possible it will get worse if they go to ER by ambulance?

Go quickly. Ambulance can allert er stroke coming so team ready. Can support very sick person so they get to er safely.
Gets worse any way. Time is brain. The quicker someone gets to a hospital where stroke care is available, the better the result. If private transportation would be significantly quicker in doing this, then do it. But paramedics have medications on board and are in direct communication with the receiving hospital's doctors, so that they can monitor and respond to patient needs en route.
No. If someone is having an ischemic stroke, ambulance is the best way to go to the er. Driving yourself is not advisable. Paramedics can institute appropriate measures "in the field" such as starting an iv, directing you to a primary stroke center, administering oxygen, checking serum glucose level, etc.
Yes. There is always a possibility of getting worse.
How in the world?? 1} Might that happen? If someone is having a stroke, then can extend / spread / worsen their stroke--EMS providers and/or the ride in have nothing to do with.

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My dad suffered an ischemic stroke on thursday. He Was given TPA (alteplase). He now has a "minimal" bleed on his brain. Could this get worse once he is discharge?

Not likely. Bleeding in this setting usually occurs 4-12 hours after t-PA administration. If your father got t-PA, then there is a neurologist experienced in acute stroke treatment at that hospital. He/she is the best person to ask for information specific to your father. Ask to see the actual scan images and to have them explained to you. In radiology, 1 picture really is worth 1000 words. Read more...

After a recent Ischemic Stroke at the age of 76 would it be wise to get a Pneumonia immunization while on Clopidogrel and half immune system?

Vaccinations. Please see http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/downloads/adult/adult-schedule-easy-read.pdf for immunization recommendations for adults. Starting at 65yo, we recommend vaccinating against pneumococcal pneumonia by getting PCV13 first followed by PPSV23 a year later. Previously, we had recommended PPSV23 only in adults and PCV13 only in children. Chat w/your Family Doc about getting fully immuniz. Read more...