I have 3 groin lumps so I had a pap smear it hurt badly for the first time ever I have had an abnormal pap before and have hpv. Could it be cancer?

Possible, not likely. What you describe would no likely be cancer, but would more likely be an infection. The groin lumps would probably be enlarged lymph nodes. However, some pelvic cancers do spread to the groin lymph nodes - so it is possible. See your doctor to find out what is going on.
It's possible,, It's possible that it's cancer, or it can be infectious if the lumps are painful to touch. But you won't have a good idea of what it is until the pap results come back and neither will the doctors so it's wise to wait for the results and follow up to see how to proceed. Best of luck.

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3 which is now 4 groin lumps in a week. Had pap smear which was very painful. They haven't before but had abnormal pap prev and hpv. Cervical cancer?

Negative pap? If your present pap is negative, then it is more likely that the "groin lumps"(lymph nodes) are caused by an infection. Please see your md for clarification. Read more...