Can my hemorrhoids hemorrhage?

Yes. Yes. Internal hemorrhoids can bleed and even cause anemia, but usually it is mild bleeding. This should always be checked out because it could actuallty be bleeding from colon cancer, colitis or a fissure.
Yes. Your hemorrhoids will bleed. Unless you're on significant blood thinners, typically the bleeding stops within a short period of time.
No. Because hemorrhoids are veins, they will bleed, but such bleeding would be scant. You would not normally lose a significant amount of blood from a hemorrhoid, unless you take a blood thinner like Aspirin or coumadin, (warfarin) because of which any bleeding might be more significant.
Yes. It is rare, but large amounts of blood can come from a hemorrhoid. If you experience this, be sure to have other causes of rectal bleeding evaluated. We should never presume that bleeding rectally is benign and from the hemorrhoids.
Yes. Despite how common it is to have bleeding due to hemorrhoids, it is rare to have a hemorrhage due to hemorrhoids. Nonetheless, any bleeding should be evaluated by your physician.
Yes. Although profuse bleeding from hemorrhoids is not typical, it is definitely possible to occur from very inflamed internal hemorrhoids.