Will I have enough breast milk to feed my twins?

Not guarantee. You might not have enough milk for your twins. You may supply your babies needs with the infant formula of your pediatrician choice.
Yes. Absolutely, start as soon as possible, do not get discourage, try to get into a schedule and if you need please contact la leche league for help. Some people will breast feed from both breast at the same time.

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Lose weight while maintaining a good supply of breast milk for twins?

Breastfeeding. It takes more calories to breast feed than it does to grow the babies while u were pregnant so just by breast feeding u usually loose weight and definitely breastfeeding twins.Eat a healthy diet and stay well hydrated.U will be getting exercise just caring for the twins but could add some walks and such.Be sure u get your sleep.Sleep deprivation changed glucose metabolism and can cause weight gain. Read more...