What to do about my recurrent depression?

Symptom recognition. Learn to recognize the symptoms of depression. Keeping up with your routines before, during and after your symptoms occur is also very important. Routine helps person to bring the sense of predictability in the environment. It is important to stay on medication that you're prescribed and keep in touch with your counselor. It is also important to report any changes you experience to your providers.
See your doctor. If you had depression previously and responded to treatment, by all means see your doctor. If your depression didn't respond to treatment but remitted (went away spontaneously) there are new options available for treatment resistant depression.
Seek treatment. If your recurrent depression lasts more than two weeks for each episode with the expected symptoms, then it is best to seek treatment through therapy and/or medications depending on severity. After about the third bout of major depression, there is a greater chance of developing a subsequent depression and lifelong medication treatment may be necessary to prevent future episodes.