What does it mean to have varicose veins in your uterus/uterus area and how do they develop? I had quite a few in my ultrasound last week.

Ovarian vein reflux. When patients are told that they have "varicose veins in or around the uterus" they are usually diagnosed with ovarian vein reflux causing pelvic congestion syndrome. This is the most common reason that patients develop enlarged varicosities in the pelvis. It is caused by backward venous flow with elevated vein pressure in the pelvis. Consider therapy if symptoms bother. Consult vascular doctor.
Need to be. Evaluated for pelvic congestion syndrome. See sirweb.Org for more info.
Pelvic congestion? Pelvic congestion syndrome (pcs) is characterized by symptoms of pelvic pressure, sometimes pain with intercourse, upper inner thigh and buttock pressure and varicose veins of the vulva or vagina. Many women can have vulva/vaginal varicose veins and uterine/ovarian veins without symptoms meaning that they have varicose veins without pcs.These veins form from refluxing valves in the pelvic veins.