Do I have a growth hormone deficiency if I'm tired every day?

Unlikely but possble. There are many causes of fatigue, growth hormone deficiency is an uncommon one.
Doubtful. Gh deficiendy is unusual. Many more common things cause daily tiredness. Lack of sleep (<8hrs) or poor quality sleep are very common, anemia, low thyroid, other metabolic abnormalities, adrenal fatigue, low hormones, and the list goes on. Go to the a4m. Com website doc locator and find a local functional medicine doc who can help you evaluate and treat this properly!

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How do I know if I have a growth-hormone deficiency?

GH stim test. Hi. To test if you're GH-deficient (GH-D), a screening IGF-1 can be drawn. If it's well in the normal range, GH-D is unlikely. Stringent diagnostic criteria require doing a GH-stimulation test. This is done either by injection insulin IV to cause hypoglycemia (stimulates GH in normals but) or infusing arginine &amp; GH-releasing hormone (stimulates GH in normals). GH-D has diagnostic criteria in tests.
Very rare in adults. In children GH deficiency may be suspected if the child is short and growth is slow. GH deficiency is usually something you are born with and rarely shows up in adults unless they have had surgery or radiation in the area of the pituitary gland. If that is the case you should see an endocrinologist but if not GH deficiency is very very unlikely.

What is the likelihood that I have a growth hormone deficiency?

Not high. The true prevalence of adult-onset gh deficiency is difficult to estimate with certainty but a reasonable estimate may be obtained from prevalence data for pituitary macroadenoma, which approximates to 1:10000 population. Addition of cases of childhood-onset ghd persisting into adult life gives an overall prevalence of between 2 and 3 per 10000 population.

I just found I have a growth hormone deficiency but is it too late to grow?

How old are you? What is your bone age? Please provide more information. Thanks.
Likely. At a listed age of 40, you could have simply had growth hormone levels drop off with age, as they do in everyone, but more than expected. If they were normal during the teen years, which we cannot know, you likely cannot blame this for your height. If the growth centers in your bones are closed, as they do in most by late teens, you cannot grow taller.
Misnomer. "Growth hormone" is a poorly-named hormone that continues to function in adults, though we don't know exactly how. A spot growth hormone assay is worthless but if you have low IGF-1 and/or some other appropriate assay, you might be one of those (rare) folks who will feel incredibly better on replacement of the hormone. This is controversial. I'd get two opinions.

I have a growth hormone deficiency, would this mess up a pregnancy test? Would it affect my chances of getting pregnant? I want to learn more on this.

Highly variable. Adult growth hormone deficiency is a highly variable disorder. Different adults will show different effects. Individuals will need to be assessed and testing will need to be done to assess fertility.

What do you do if you have a growth hormone deficiency?

Endocrinologist. Because of the need for stimulation testing to properly diagnose gh deficiency, such a patient will already be seeing an endocrinologist. Children are usually treated for this barring malignancy. For adults treatment is more optional.

Are growth plates likely to be fused at 18 if I had a growth hormone deficiency?

Depends on puberty. The closure of the bony growth plates is mainly regulated by pubertal changes in sex hormones (estrogen in girls; testosterone in boys). If you had only gh deficiency but with normal sex hormones, then the growth plates usually fuse around puberty. With pan-hypopituitarism, (gh and gonadal hormone deficiency), the growth plate closure will depend on how quickly and how much sex hormones are given.
Not necessarily. Were you treated? For how long? A simple x-ray can tell your doctor whether you have any other growth potential.

What causes a growth hormone deficiency problem?

Pituitary activity. There are several reasons why children or adults can have a pituitary that is unable to make enough hgh for adequate growth or metabolic wellbeing. Consult a real endocrinologist if you think you or your child may have a deficiency of gh.

Help docs! I'm trying to find out what causes growth hormone deficiency?

GH. Growth hormone goes down normally with age, but if deficient can cause many symptoms including fatigue, low exercise tolerance, low stamina and depression.

I'm a teen suffering with growth hormone deficiency! How can this be treated?

Injections. Of growth hormone can be given if you have been diagnosed early enough. Talk to your doctor about referral to an endocrinologist for treatment.