Heart palpitations from potpourri-incense. Is that possible?

Palpitations. There are a number of things that can cause palpitations, mostly they are things that are stimulants such as caffeine and ephedrine (ephedrine sulfate). However other factors can cause palpitations such as dehydration and fatigue. So, although unlikely it is possible that incense can cause these.
Not likely. I'm not aware of any cardioactive drugs contained in the burning of potpourri incense. Of course, if you're in a closed room with a lot of incense burning, you're exposed to the products of combustion like carbon monoxide. There's always the possibility of allergy or your own idiosyncratic reaction (ie, unique to you), but in general, probably not.

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Are heart palpitations inherited?

Can be. Palpitations represent various rhythm problems, some of which can run in families. Read more...
Abnormal rhythms may. Palpitations are sensations that there is some abnormality in the heartbeat. They are subjective. Certain heart rhythm problems have genetic causes. Some may be benign and others life threatening. It is best to record the heartbeat at the time of symptoms and get a baseline ECG for evaluation. Read more...