Can kidney stone get stuck in the bladder?

Yes. Though rare, it is possible for kidney stones to become retained in the bladder and become larger, hard, bladder stones. Stones that can pass through a ureter can generally pass through the bladder outlet, but certain conditions, such as prostate enlargement or a neurogenic bladder, can predispose someone to forming bladder stones.
Yes. Can get stuck at lower end of ureter, which is in the bladder. Can get stuck at bladder neck in boys or men as well as women with a contracted bladder neck. Can also get stuck in an intravesical ureterocele or diverticulum.

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Can a kidney stone get stuck in your bladder?

Yes, but..... Yes. If it's big enough, it could stay in the bladder, but a stone that size is unlikely to pass through the ureter into the bladder.

Does a kidney stone always hurt once it gets to the bladder?

No. A kidney stone in the bladder should not hurt. If it gets stuck coming out of the bladder it may cause pain.

What can you do about a stuck kidney stone near the bladder?

Lithotripsy. There are a couple of ways to get the offending stone. Sometimes a urologist may insert a stent or plastic tube that can act as a sort of guide for the stone. Depending on the size of the stone ultrasound shock waves may be used to break up the stone so that it can pass. There maybe other ideas a urologist has and talk to your doctor for your options. Best of luck.

For the left urethra at the bladder with blockage from kidney stone or scare tissue from past ureteroscopies have a stent or resection as a choise?

Here are some. .. How to manage the blockage at the ending part of left ureter by the scar after ureteroscopic stone procedures relies on the degree and length of the scar and the balance between medical necessity and professional possibility. At that level, options of care may range from doing nothing or incision + a period of stent or permanent stent with regular change 2-3 times yearly or surgical correction...