My mother is 76 yrs old. She is suffering from arthritis, advised to have total knee replacement. How come?

Need evaluation. As a rheumatologist we advise people on surgery but need to know many things. What is the involvement of the knee? What does imaging show ? X-ray, mri? Ultrasound? Is she exercising? What are her true limitations? What are her associated medical conditions? Is she able to stick to a strict physical therapy rehabilitation program? Has she been doing that now? Pt - important for success.
Effective treatment. It is aneffective pain relieving reatment for endstage arthritis for which nothing else has worked and it out performs a knee fusion the previous surgical treatment.

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My mother has pateller cluch after total knee replacement, which is better for her-either othroscopy or open excission?

Either can work. Patellar clunk syndrome occurs when fibrous scar tissue grows around the patellar implant in posterior stabilized total knee implants. The scar tissue catches in the recessed box of the femoral implant when the knee flexes and pops or clunks when the knee extends. It can be painful and treated with either arthroscopic or open removal with great success. Read more...
Either works. I prefer arthroscopic treatment for patellar clunk but it depends on what her surgeon is comfortable with. A good result can be obtained with either technique. Faster recovery/healing with arthroscopy in general. Read more...