Can compression stockings get rid of varicose veins?

No. Varicose veins are broken and compression stockings can't fix them. Stockings can, and usually do, make your legs feel better while you wear them though. They can also help to keep you from getting new varicose veins too. The best place to get compression stockings is from a trained fitter who can make sure that the stockings you get fit properly. You also don't want to use ted hose.
Helps symptoms. May help them not get worse but won't go away usually.
Not likely. Varicose veins are a result of the veins not functioning properly and allowing the blood to pool (venous insufficiency). Stockings are a recommended treatment for this, but it does not resolve the problem. It will make your leg feel better, but you need to have the incompetent vein (s) treated to make them go away.
Rarely cure. They can help with symptoms but rarely cure.
Compression stocking. These will not get rid of varicose veins but will help prevent worsening of these veins and potential symptoms.

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What do compression stockings do for varicose veins? In what way do they help?

Reduce pressure. Varicose veins are caused by venous valve dysfunction which leads to venous hypertension (elevated pressure in the veins). Compression stockings reduce venous hypertension.
Helps with symptoms. They help to treat the symptoms associated with varicose veins, but they do not make them disappear. Stockings help your veins work better and lessen the likelihood of complications over time. If your legs ache, feel tired or heavy or have swelling, stockings will help all of these symptoms; however, they do not cure the problem -they just help to manage it.
Pressure. By providing external pressure to the veins, they don't allow them to have as much blood flow backwards as would otherwise be the case. This reduces swelling and pain. The treatment is not curative. See miamibeachvein. Com to learn more.
Compression stocking. These compression stockings do not ridge you of varicose veins, but they do help in prevention of the symptoms and worsening of the varicose veins. The symptoms may include swelling, discomfort, heaviness, tiredness, and itching sensation of the affected extremity. In order to obtain the maximum benefit places stocking on the leg prior to its being dependent.

Are compression stockings, as a first line of defense for varicose veins, just putting off the inevitable resultant surgical procedure in most people?

Good treatment. Depending on the state of advancement in your disease the stockings may halt or significantly reduce the progression of varicosity development. Surgery is not without consequence or risks.
Yes and no. Knee high compression stockings can be very effective in treating the symptoms of varicose veins and may may make surgery unnecessary. They certainly won't hurt.
Yes. Stockings are not curative. They may slow progression and improve symptoms. See a vein specialist or phlebologist to learn what your options are. If someone tells you hat you require vein stripping, get a second opinion.

If I wear compression stockings only at night can it sill help my varicose veins? What are a good least cumbersome kind to wear?

Not really. At night I assume you are sleeping. The fact you would be in bed and not standing would negate the need for the compression as no gravity need the compressn hoosiery when standing to counteract gravity. Of course if you work at night and are not sleeping then that would be good time to wear them.
Just the opposite. Need to wear during day when you are up and active. Only need to wear knee highs and 15-20 mmHg compression to start Jobst / SigVarus are the best.
Stockings. The need for compression stocking is during daily activities. To get the best outcomes place the stocking on the legs prior to daly activities when you sleep there is no benefit to use stockings as your legs are elevated and closer to the level of the heart.

Are there such a thing as zippered compression stockings for varicose vein leg symtoms? Regular pull up types are too difficult to deal with.

Zippered compression. Yes there are zippered compression stockings. You can find them online or at medical supply companies.
Zippered hose. There are several companies that make zippered compression hose. Go on the Jobst stockings website and you should be able to find zippered compression hose.

Can a surgeon remove a blood clot in a varicose vein if it is found by ulrasound testing? What happens besides compression stockings and thinners?

Can be. It can be done, and that procedure is called thrombectomy or embolectomy. However, in the veins of the calf or upper legs, blood thinners are more standard of care treatment once diagnosis made. Compression stockings can help prevent, although best prevention is use of muscles by regular exercise and activity. Blood thinning prevents clot growth and the body will break it down (fibrinolysis).

I don't have varicose veins, but my doctor recommended support stockings due to redness in my knees to prevent it. Are 20-30 compression knee highs good?

Varicose veins. A mild compression knee high support hose can lessen edema. 20-30 is likely good. More importantly not too tight, put on early after awakening, and check with your pcp regarding the "redness" @ your knee. Phlebitis, cellulitis, diabetes, etc. Can make wearing them difficult.
Yes. You do not have varicose veins and you have noticed redness in your knees. Compression stockings are good for people standing long durations. They are difficult to wear everyday. The redness in the knees may not get better with the stocking so try 1 pair first and if it gets better then buy more.
See vein specialistc. Significant venous disease of the leg often presents with skin changes just above the ankle on the inside of the leg. Compression stockings can help slow the progression if you have vein disease but stockings do not treat the underlying problem. If you are going to wear stockings I would suggest having an evaluation by a specialist in venous disease.
Maybe not. It is usually recommended that 20-30 mm Hg stockings be used, but often thigh-high are necessary rather than knee high. Most patients have venous reflux located in the thigh great saphenous vein, so thigh highs are usually better. An ultrasound documenting your reflux would help decide. Also consider treatment of the reflux with saphenous ablation. Consult w/ a vascular surgeon vein specialist.
Varicose veins. That compression is ok you would do better being evaluated to determine if there is a vein issue. The simplest test is avenues doppler ultrasound. Otherwise I am unsure what the stoking will accomplish, if your only symptom is redness around your knees.

How to get rid of varicose veins by not using surgical procedures? Is there any medicines that I can take or any herbal medicines for it?

No not really. The only effective treatments for varicose veins are medical procedures: phlebectomy & stripping are the most surgical, laser ablation and sclerotherapy also very effective and less surgical. Their are some herbal products that can help symptoms but wont make them go away. Varicose veins can be more than just a cosmetic issue. See a vein specialist, phlebologist, for evaluation treatment options.
No medicines. Your best akternative to treat varicose veins is to see a veine specialist who has expertise in the latest procedures. Laser ablation, foam sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy, etc. Compression stcokings help partially to aleviate the symptoms but will not eliminate or reduce varicose veins.
No. Although there are herbal medicines that are available in much of the rest of the world that can help swelling, there are no effective formulations of these products that are available in the us. Many products here claim to be effective but since the fda doesn't regulate these products, they can make make any claim they like. Drs. Wright and farhy are right, you should see a vein specialist.
None that works. Varicose veins are due to leaking valves in the saphenous vein system. There is a strong hereditary component. There are many potential home remedies such as horse chestnut, witch hazel and certain kinds of berries but none of these work. If you have varicose veins, then you should see a vein specialist for a f/u venous evaluation including a venous ultrasound.

How can you get rid of varicose veins forever?

Treatment vs cure. Varicose veins are caused by venous hypertension. When the vein pressure rises, the secondary veins dilate into varicosities. The primary problem of venous hypertension and the varicosities can be treated, but its a progessive chronic condition. So cure or forever is not expected.
You probably can't. While treatment techniques used today generally offer excellent results for most patients, it is likely that new veins will develop over time. With periodic maintenance treatment it is often possible to keep one's legs in good shape. See a vein specialist/phlebologist. For more info, see http://www. Phlebology. Org/.
You can't. As drs. Berg and zimmett said, the best you can hope for is to take care of the vein trouble you currently have. With enough time, the chance of getting more varicose veins is at least 80%. When more veins appear, they can always be treated. That way you can keep things under control, but never cured.